University Orientation (UNV)

UNV 101  The University Experience     Credits: 1

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring.

Course Description: Transitioning into the University, both academically and personally, requires a wide variety of skills. This course aims to foster a sense of belonging, promote engagement in the life of the University, articulate expectations of the University and its faculty, help students develop and apply skills critical to their success including communication, information literacy, strategic learning, and career skills all in the context of the student's career focus area.

UNV 105  Contemporary Topics in Intercollegiate Athletics     Credits: 2

Typically Offered: Fall.

Course Description: The course addresses the exploration of current topics and challenges relevant to intercollegiate athletics and the appropriate developmental life skills need to facilitate college adjustment.

UNV 121  Motivation and Leadership     Credits: 1,2

Typically Offered: Departmental Discretion.

Course Description: This course is based on the Barbara Sprong Leadership Challenge and provides students an opportunity to acquire and enhance leadership skills. Full-time students who have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average and desire to learn about servant leadership may apply to be a part of the Challenge.

UNV 131  Griffon Edge Orientation     Credits: 1

Typically Offered: Fall.

Course Description: Assists students in the adjustment to college life; acclimate students to Missouri Western; and establish a learning community and environment that will provide a firm foundation toward a successful academic pursuit.

UNV 151  Introduction to Critical Thinking     Credits: 1

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring.

Course Description: Introduces students to the vocabulary and processes of critical thinking and their application to reading and writing within a seminar setting. This course is not open to students with credit for or currently enrolled in UNV 101.

UNV 201  Community Service Learning     Credits: 1

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

Course Description: This course provides degree-seeking students with an array of opportunities to engage in an immersive community service-learning experience. Working with community partners in Saint Joseph, Buchanan County, the surrounding region, and farther afield, students will complete specific projects and volunteer activities tailored to their schedule and interests. On successful completion of 40 hours of service and successful completion of various self-reflection exercises, students will receive one elective credit hour toward graduation at no cost. Once course requirements have been completed, the Center for Service will submit verification to post credit on the student's transcript. The course is repeatable for up to three elective credit hours toward graduation.

UNV 205  Library Resources and Research     Credits: 1

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring.

Course Description: Develops general library skills, research techniques, and strategies for effectively accessing information. Prerequisite(s): UNV 101.

UNV 301  Community Service Learning for Majors     Credits: 1-3

Typically Offered: Departmental Discretion.

Course Description: This semester-long course provides degree-seeking students with an opportunity to engage in an approved immersive community service-learning experience within their field of study. Working with departmentally approved community partners, students will complete specific service projects and activities which support their major coursework. The goal is to connect the classroom experiences and critical thinking skills within the major to the importance and need of community service and civic responsibility. Students will register in one-to-three tuition bearing credit hours and be required to complete 40 hours of service per credit hour. A detailed reflection/research paper regarding the experience is required. This course may be used as general elective credit or within the major and is graded as Pass/Fail. May be repeated for up to three credit hours.