Political Science (PSC)

This is a draft edition of the 2024-2025 catalog. Information contained within is subject to change.

PSC 101  American National Government     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

Course Description: The American constitutional system, including Congress, the presidency, and the courts; and public issues.

CORE 42: MOTR POSC 101; American Government (attribute MO12)

PSC 110  American State and Local Government     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Spring.

Course Description: Colonial and revolutionary origins of state government; state constitutions; referendum, initiative, and recall procedures; state legislatures; governors; state courts; county and municipal governments. Prerequisite(s): PSC 101.

PSC 111  Understanding the Missouri Constitution     Credits: 1

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring.

Course Description: This course provides students with an overview of the Missouri Constitution. Includes examinations of federalism, the Missouri Constitution's historical development, key constitutional structures, and the Missouri Bill of Rights. This course is designed for college students transferring to Missouri Western to complete the state-mandated graduation requirement for knowledge of the Missouri Constitution. Prerequisite(s): Department Approval.

PSC 200  International Politics     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Fall (even-numbered years).

Course Description: The nature of politics at the international level; the national state system and state capabilities; foreign policy objectives, formulation, and execution; international organizations and alignments; contemporary world tensions.

CORE 42: MOTR POSC 201; International Relations (attribute MO11)

PSC 210  Comparative Political Systems     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Fall (odd-numbered years).

Course Description: Structural-functional analysis of major European political systems; comparison and contrast among such systems and with others of contemporary significance.

CORE 42: MOTR POSC 202; Introduction to Comparative Politics (attribute MO11)

PSC 314  Technology and Society     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Departmental Discretion.

Course Description: Participatory course emphasizing a particular problem and/or issue related to technology and society. Class participants will investigate the semester's theme using currently available technologies. Same as BIO 314, ENG 314, HUM 314, PSY 314.

PSC 320  Public Administration     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Departmental Discretion.

Course Description: Organization theory; bureaucracy; public personnel and policy; issues in American public administration. Prerequisite(s): PSC 101.

PSC 350  Judicial Process     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Departmental Discretion.

Course Description: An exploration of the judicial process in the United States, including the institutions and considerations that affect the administration of justice under law in the American political system. Prerequisite(s): PSC 101 and PSC 110.

PSC 370  American Public Policy     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Departmental Discretion.

Course Description: A survey of the policy process and specific policies or issues in government selected from a variety of areas, such as crime and punishment, health and welfare, bioethic, education, energy, environment, spending, taxation, civil liberties, immigration, and homeland security. Prerequisite(s): PSC 101.

PSC 420  Constitutional Law     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Departmental Discretion.

Course Description: An examination of the intersection of law with American politics with an emphasis on the Constitution as a living document, the evolution of judicial review, theories and process of constitutional interpretation and legal decision making, and specific analysis of Supreme Court decisions in crucial subject areas of American politics. Prerequisite(s): PSC 101.

PSC 450  Independent Research/Project     Credits: 1-5

Typically Offered: Departmental Discretion.

Course Description: Investigation of a research problem, project, or topic on an individual conference basis. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite(s): A minimum of 2.5 GPA and departmental approval.

PSC 493  Applied Learning Experience     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

Course Description: This course offers an applied learning experience in public service. Students arrange an applied learning experience with a public agency, governmental organization, or non-profit that interacts with government subject to the approval of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities via its Applied Learning Director. The field work will provide first-hand experience with the operations, institutions, and policy concerns of cooperating agencies, organizations and groups. Applied learning experiences must be arranged with and approved by the Applied Learning Director in the semester preceding the internship. For more details contact the Director of the Public Service Applied Learning Experience in the SSH department. Prerequisite(s): Junior Standing; PSC 110: State and Local Government