College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Joel Hyer, Dean
(816) 271-4510

Programs in the College of Liberal Arts provide opportunities for development of both the intellectual and technical skills necessary for professional competence. Coursework is enhanced with a wide variety of hands-on, applied learning experiences, such as field experiences, student/faculty collaborative research, ensembles, private lessons, and internships.  Liberal Arts faculty encourage students to develop personal and professional respect for others, international and intercultural sensitivity, and personal and social responsibility. The knowledge and experience gained from engaging in our programs and courses foster the acquisition of new perspectives on the social, cultural and historical traditions of the world. 

We inspire our students with our passion for learning and creating while motivating them to grow academically, professionally, and personally.  Our learner-centered instruction enables students to develop the intellectual, performance, and creative skills needed to address the problems, issues, and concerns of a diverse and vibrant society. As educators, we are dedicated to cultivating an open, creative environment that instills the values inherent in collaborative achievement.  In sum, we provide artistic and educational experiences that allow students to build a foundation for a career and enhance the cultural lives of our students and the community.