Performing and Cinematic Arts (Bachelor of Applied Arts - B.A.A.)

General Studies42-47
Students must complete General Studies courses
Major Requirements
ART 129Design Software Applications3
ART 190Digital 3D Fundamentals3
CIN 100Introduction to Film3
CIN 130Digital Cinema Survey3
CIN 190Cinema Structure & Aesthetics2
CIN 245Production I3
CIN 250Production Participation1
CIN 253Audio Production3
CIN 255Editing3
CIN 280Portfolio I1
Select two of the following courses:6
Greenscreen & Rotoscoping
Matte Painting
CGI Integration
CIN 335Cinematography3
CIN 340Acting for the Camera3
CIN 342Screenwriting3
CIN 345Production II3
CIN 361Cinema Internship1-3
CIN 377Producing3
CIN 477Directing3
CIN 480Portfolio II1
CIN 430VFX Supervising3
or CIN 495 Thesis
ENT 201Entrepreneurship I3
MKT 301Principles of Marketing3
Electives - Three credit hours from the following Upper Division Classes:3
Motion Capture
Editing II
Commercial Production
Cinematography II
Advanced Screenwriting
Cinematic Sound and Music