Enrollment & Registration

Credit Units

The unit of credit is the semester hour, which represents a period of weekly study for a semester. 

Course Numbering System

Graduate courses will have a designated 500 or 600 level number.

500-level designation will be used for graduate courses which allow for the possibility of having a cross-listed 400 level equivalent undergraduate course. 500 level graduate courses must have additional academic components required beyond the 400 level cross-listed course as described in the course syllabus.

The 600 level designation is used for graduate-only courses.

Whether or not the course description lists it as a prerequisite, all graduate level courses (500+) can only be taken by students admitted to the Graduate School. Senior undergraduate students desiring to take courses for graduate credit may take up to six total credit hours of graduate-level courses (500 level) for graduate credit during only the last two semesters before receiving the bachelor’s degree, provided they are admitted as Non-Degree Seeking Students (For more information see the section on Non-Degree Seeking Students.)

Each course bears a number that identifies its level, as follows:

500-599 Graduate-level courses (senior level undergraduates may apply to enroll in 500 level courses)
600-699 Graduate-level courses

Departments may offer special topics courses without prior approval of the Graduate Council in order to experiment with innovative methods, content or to take advantage of visiting faculty. Course numbers 596-599 and 696-699 are reserved for assignment to special topics courses. These offerings require approval by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Description of Course

All courses and detailed descriptions are listed within the offering academic department. Before the opening of each term, a class schedule is available on-line at griff.vn/schedule which lists the specific courses to be offered that term with the time of meeting, the building, and the room number. The University reserves the right to cancel, without notice, any course listed in the catalog or in the class schedule for any term.

Semester Designation

Each course indicates the semester(s) in which it is normally offered, however course availability is subject to staffing changes and student enrollment.

Graduate Student Course Load

Graduate students admitted as degree seeking or who have provisional admission are required to take a minimum of one graduate course per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer). International students are required to be full-time.

Academic Status

For the purpose of academic status at Missouri Western, the following will be applied to graduate students:

During each regular academic semester

  • 8 or more credits = full time student
  • 5-7 credits = half-time time student
  • Less than 5 credits = part-time student

During each summer academic semester

  • 5 or more credits = full time student
  • 3-4 credits = half-time time student
  • Less than 3 credits = part-time student

Maximum Course Load

Graduate students are allowed to take a maximum of twelve credits per academic semester. To enroll in more than 12 credits in one semester the student must submit a Request for Overload form, with approval of the academic advisor and program director, to the Graduate Dean for final decision.

Registration and Change of Class Schedule

Refer to the on-line class schedule at griff.vn/schedule for detailed information on registration.

Currently enrolled students are encouraged to register early for classes. An alternate PIN is required for registration. The start of the registration period is announced in the academic calendar at www.missouriwestern.edu/acadaff/calendars and student's are sent communications to their Missouri Western email account.

New and returning students will be notified by the Admissions Office of dates for registration. More information can be found in the class schedule at griff.vn/schedule and in the appropriate term's online Registration Guide, www.missouriwestern.edu/registrar/registration.

Registered students may, at anytime prior to the first day of the term, drop any or all classes with no penalty. A student may also add or drop classes after the first day of the term. Deadlines, procedures and refund schedules can be found in the appropriate term's online Registration Guide, , www.missouriwestern.edu/registrar/registration

Late Registration is held once classes have begun. Deadlines and procedures can be found in the appropriate term's online Registration Guide, www.missouriwestern.edu/registrar/registration. Degree-seeking status may only be declared on the first day of Late Registration. 

Alternate PIN

A 4-digit Alternate Personal Identification Number (PIN) is distributed by advisors and academic departments to currently enrolled degree seeking students for the purpose of registration. The Alternate PIN changes before each registration period.

Withdrawal/Extended Leave of Absence from the University

Prior to the official end of the add/drop period, students may drop all classes on-line through Goldlink or by notifying the Registrar's Office, Eder Hall 102, in writing (include name, student I.D. number, last date of attendance, signature and contact information). The effective date of withdrawal will be the date on which the written notification is received by the Registrar's Office. Any applicable refund of tuition and fees will also be applied to the student account as of the effective date. 

After the withdrawal deadline a student must petition the Admissions and Graduation Committee, through the Registrar's Office, to withdraw from all or individual classes. Only documented situations, beyond the control of the student will be considered. Failure to submit a formal request for a withdrawal will result in the student receiving failing grades.

Under compelling circumstances beyond the student’s control, including military obligations, a student may request a leave of absence. A Leave of Absence form may be completed online or in the Registrar’s Office and must include supporting documentation. A leave of absence can be granted for up to 3 semesters (excluding summer term). 

A documented leave is primarily a means of communication to the University and

  • may include a request for a current semester late withdrawal;
  • does not alter current semester course completion deadlines as indicated by the academic calendar;
  • does not impact outstanding financial obligations without appeal to the University Bursar; 
  • does not extend the expiration date of an officially declared program/major; and
  • is not a formal method to avoid admission or registration requirements upon the student’s return.

The University and/or academic advisor will continue to make contact with a student on extended leave during the identified absence period.  Students who are ready to return to MWSU after a leave of absence should notify the Admissions Office so assistance can be provided.

Repeating Courses

Students are permitted to repeat any course. (When a course is repeated, the original grade remains on the transcript but is excluded (E) from the GPA calculation and the most recent grade is included (I) in the GPA. Topics and related format courses which change in content on a semester to semester basis do not apply in this regard.

Auditing a Class

Graduate level courses cannot be audited or taken for Credit/No Credit or the A/CR/U option. Thesis courses, however, can be taken Pass/Fail.