Management (MGT)

MGT 603  Organizational Theory     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Fall.

Course Description: This course focuses on the organizational level of analysis and how the organization relates to the individuals and departments within the organization as well as other organizations in the community or industry. It analyzes the whole organization as a unit that provides the context in which organizational behavior occurs. This course does not count toward MBA requirements.

MGT 604  Organizational Behavior Management     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

Course Description: This course will provide an overview of contemporary research and practice in the field of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). Students will study individual-level theories of human behavior (e.g., self-efficacy, perception, motivation, attitudes, personality, and stress) in organizational settings. Additionally, students examine the dynamics of organizational behavior such as motivation, group dynamics, leadership, performance management, decision making, power and politics.

MGT 633  Contemporary Issues in Management     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Spring.

Course Description: Discussion of contemporary issues in management, including application, development and study of relevant cases and research findings. Prerequisite(s): B.S. in Business or MGT Competency exam or MGT 603.

MGT 695  Applied Strategic Management     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring.

Course Description: Preparation of individual plan for idea development to solicit funding from internal or external sources; professional development factors including project management and leadership. Prerequisite(s): Completion or concurrent with all core courses in the MBA program; within 12 credit hours of completing degree.