Tuition and Fees

This is a draft edition of the 2024-2025 catalog. Information contained within is subject to change.

Tuition and fees are payable at registration. Any special payment arrangements should be coordinated with the Business Office, Eder 104. A complete listing of current tuition and fees plus payment due dates and options can be found at

Students who complete the registration process must agree to pay the University according to an agreed upon payment schedule with the Business Office. Students who fail to meet the terms of the agreement may entitle Missouri Western State University to:

  • declare the full balance plus late fees immediately due and payable by law.
  • refuse subsequent registration for any classes and/or drop current classes. 
  • deny future enrollment in any payment plan.

Refund Policy

  • Students who make schedule changes during the add/drop period will be charged for the added class and/or credited the cost of the dropped class.
  • No refunds are given to students who make schedule changes after the add/drop period but remain in school.
  • Students completely withdrawing from school within the add/drop period will receive a refund of tuition and fees assessed, based upon the withdrawal refund schedule found at Withdrawal refunds are computed based upon the date the Registrar’s Office receives the completed/correctly executed withdrawal form. Withdrawal computations are not effective the date the student stops attending classes. The refund must be claimed during the semester in which the refund applies.
  • Failure to attend classes does not constitute a withdrawal, Students must officially withdraw in the Registrar’s Office to be eligible for a refund.
  • Off-schedule classes do not begin and/or end according to defined term dates. Dates for adding, dropping and withdrawing are determined by the individual start and end dates of the class. Please refer to the current class schedule or the Registrar’s office for specific dates. A 100% refund will be given for late starting classes dropped before the first day of class.
  • Students receiving financial assistance may be required to pay back all or a portion of funds received according to federal/state regulation(s) or institutional policies.
  • If after all charges/credits have been applied to the account and the student is eligible for a refund, the funds will be refunded directly to the student. If, however, payment has been made either partially or fully by financial aid (scholarships, grants, or loans) or another source (i.e. Vocational Rehabilitation), the excess funds will be returned to the financial aid source(s) up to 100 percent of the original aid amount. After restoring the financial aid or other source to its original amount, any excess of refund monies will be returned to the student.
  • Students who feel that individual circumstances warrant exceptions from this policy may appeal by completing a Business Office Financial Appeal form and submitting via e-mail to See the Business Office Appeals Procedure.


It is the student’s responsibility to register under the proper residence and to pay the proper fees. A student requesting a change of residency classification for fee purposes must submit an appeal with the Registrar's Office by the end of the first week of classes in order to be considered for the current term. The Residency Petition must include evidence in support of the claim. A petition form and rules of residency is available here or in the Registrar’s Office.