First Year Experience

Griffon Orientation (GO)

Griffon Orientation (GO) is designed to assist incoming students as they make the transition from their previous environment to Missouri Western. At GO, students will meet fellow students, register for classes, and complete the necessary steps to ensure a successful start at Missouri Western. 

Griffon Edge

Griffon Edge Orientation (UNV 131 Griffon Edge Orientation) is a one-credit-hour, four-day orientation program for new students at Missouri Western. This program occurs the week prior to the first week of school. Griffon Edge aims to connect new students to the Missouri Western and St. Joseph communities, help students acclimate to the life of a college student, and provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their transition to campus.

University Orientation Courses

UNV 101  The University Experience     Credits: 1

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring.

Course Description: Transitioning into the University, both academically and personally, requires a wide variety of skills. This course aims to foster a sense of belonging, promote engagement in the life of the University, articulate expectations of the University and its faculty, help students develop and apply skills critical to their success including communication, information literacy, strategic learning, and career skills all in the context of the student's career focus area.

UNV 105  Contemporary Topics in Intercollegiate Athletics     Credits: 2

Typically Offered: Fall.

Course Description: The course addresses the exploration of current topics and challenges relevant to intercollegiate athletics and the appropriate developmental life skills need to facilitate college adjustment.