Baccalaureate Degree Information

This is a draft edition of the 2024-2025 catalog. Information contained within is subject to change.

Baccalaureate Degree Programs

Missouri Western State University offers twelve baccalaureate degrees, with majors in various fields. The baccalaureate degrees offered are:

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of General Studies
  • Bachelor of Music Education
  • Bachelor of Musical Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Technology 
  • Bachelor of Social Work

The Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) degree provides a direct pathway to various arts-related fields.  It is an applied learning degree preparing students to learn the skills and competencies associated with a specific career path or position.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is considered a professional major degree and is recommended to anyone intending to enroll in graduate study (MFA) or work in the professional world of art.

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree is a degree specifically for adult learners who have delayed or interrupted their studies, or for whom their original major is no longer appropriate. It is designed to be multidisciplinary and have maximum flexibility to suit the needs of the widest variety of students.

The Bachelor of Musical Arts (BMA) degree is a flexible degree that allows students to pursue a course of study tailored to their career aspirations, from performance, technology, production, film music, business, and more. 

The Bachelor of Music Education (BME) degree is designed to prepare individuals for careers in teaching music, primarily in K-12.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree is based on more concentrated and specialized areas of study in one or more fields and is usually pursued by students who want to pursue a professional area of study or studies  in the natural or social sciences.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree is designed for the student who  desires a broad foundation in several areas related to business principles as applied in business, industry, or government.

The Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) degree is designed to prepare individuals for careers in teaching.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is designed to prepare individuals to practice professional nursing. The graduate is eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination to qualify for licensure as a registered nurse.

The Bachelor of Science in Technology (BST) degree is designed for the student who has completed a career-oriented associate degree program (AAS or AS) and desires the bachelor’s degree with an additional concentration in an approved area of study.

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree is designed for the student whose goal is preparation for professional generalist social work practice.

General Requirements for Baccalaureate Programs

A student must1:

  • Complete the general studies and major requirements;
  • Earn a minimum of 120 credit hours (100 level and higher, maximum of 6 CED credit hours applicable);
  • Earn an overall GPA of at least 2.0;
  • Earn a major GPA of at least 2.0;
  • Earn a minimum of 30 credit hours in upper-division courses (numbers in the 300s and 400s). Lower-division transfer courses accepted as meeting upper-division departmental course requirements cannot be used to fulfill this requirement;
  • Earn 30 of the last 45 credit hours at MWSU in institutional coursework (exclusive of credit by examination);
  • Participate in required departmental and campus wide assessments; 
  • Fulfill the Missouri Constitution requirement; and
  • Successfully pass the Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement Exam.

Some baccalaureate degree programs may require more than 120 credit hours, may require a higher GPA, may have minimum grade requirements and may have additional certification requirements. (See actual degree program for specific requirements.)

General Education Requirements for Bachelor Degrees

General Studies offered by Missouri Western State University consists of a common core of curriculum that was established through Missouri Senate Bill 997, the Higher Education Core Transfer Curriculum Act (Sections 178.785-789 RSMo). This curriculum, called CORE 42, is designed for students to obtain the basic competencies of Valuing, Managing Information, Communicating, and Higher-Order Thinking. CORE 42 is completed through a minimum of 42-semester hours distributed across courses in five knowledge areas. 

  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Humanities and Fine Arts

A student who has completed general education while attending MWSU will have a notation placed on their transcript.


Missouri Western General Studies (CORE42)

Mathematical Sciences Knowledge Area
3 credit hours minimum3
Contemporary Problem Solving
Contemporary Problem Solving
Introductory Statistics
Introductory Statistics
Finite Mathematics
College Algebra
Applied Calculus
Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
Written & Oral Communications Knowledge Area
6 credit hours minimum6
College Writing and Rhetoric
College Writing and Research
Honors Composition and Rhetoric
Introduction to Technical Communication
3 credit hours minimum3
Oral Communication
Natural Sciences Knowledge Area
7 credit hours minimum from at least 2 disciplines, including one course with a lab component7
Introduction to Astronomy
Principles of Biology
Principles of Organismal Biology
Principles of Cell Biology
Introductory Chemistry
General Chemistry I
Physical Geography
Physical Geology
Life Science:
Anatomy and Physiology
Physical Science:
How Things Work
Introduction to Physics
College Physics I
University Physics I
Social & Behavioral Sciences Knowledge Area
9 credit hours minimum from at least 2 disciplines, including at least one Civics course9
American History to 1865
American History since 1865
American National Government
General Anthropology
Criminal Justice:
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Current Issues in the Economy
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
World Geography
Modern World History
Political Science:
International Politics
Comparative Political Systems
General Psychology
Life-Span Developmental Psychology
SBS Communications:
Introduction to Mass Media
Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems
Humanities and Fine Arts Knowledge Area
9 credit hours minimum from at least 2 disciplines.9
Introduction to Art
Survey of Art History I
Survey of Art History II
Ancient and Medieval Civilization
Early Modern Europe
Modern Europe: 1789 to the Present
Humanities: Ancient and Medieval
Humanities: Middle Ages to the French Revolution
Humanities: American Revolution to the Present
Introduction to Film
Elementary French I
Elementary French II
Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II
Approaches to Literature
American Literature
British Literature
World Literature
Perspectives in Music
Fundamentals of Music
History of Western Music I: Ancient to Classical
History of Western Music II: Romanticism to the 21st Century
Jazz History
Performance (A limit of 3 credit hours of Performance courses can be applied to the Humanities and Fine Arts Knowledge Area and to the total CORE 42):
Beginning Drawing I
Ceramics I
Introduction to Creative Writing
Digital Photography
Community Chorus
Marching Band
Concert Band
Chamber Music Performance: Brass 1
Chamber Music Performance: Keyboard 1
Chamber Music Performance: Percussion 1
Chamber Music Performance: Strings 1
Chamber Music Performance: Voice 1
Chamber Music Performance: Woodwinds 1
Concert Chorale 1
Chamber Singers 1
Renaissance Singers 1
Light Opera Workshop 1
Brass Ensemble 1
Jazz Ensemble 1
Percussion Ensemble 1
Wind Ensemble 1
Chamber Winds 1
Woodwind Ensemble 1
Stage Movement Workshop
Technical Production 1
Voice and Diction
Acting I
Script Analysis
Introduction to Philosophy
Reasoning and Argumentation
Symbolic Logic
Healthcare Ethics
Business Ethics
Religions of the World
Religions of East Asia and Oceania
Religions of the West
Religions of South Asia and Africa
Introduction to Biblical Studies
Religion of the Hebrew Bible
Religion of the New Testament
Introduction to Theatre
Additional Hours
5 additional credit hours from courses listed above or below in order to meet the minimum 42 credit hour requirement. Credit hours from the above areas that exceed the minimum requirement can count in the Additional Hours.5
Interdisciplinary Area
EXS 101Fitness and Wellness3
Total Credit Hours45

The identified Music courses are not included in the state's version of the CORE 42 curriculum, but will count as a Missouri Western general studies course.  The courses will not, however, count within CORE 42 at another Missouri institution unless the student completes the entire general education curriculum at Missouri Western.

State Certification or Statutory Requirements

In the process of earning a degree, students must complete requirements for that degree and any necessary state certification requirements. If certification or statutory requirements change and additional requirements become effective during the time a student is enrolled in a program, the new requirements take precedence over previously existing degree or certification standards.