Leadership (LDR)

LDR 500  Survey of Leadership     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Fall.

Course Description: This course introduces a variety of theoretical models that focus on leadership and decision making. It surveys the literature on leadership styles, traits and behavior theory of leadership, shared leadership, and assessing decision making. It also surveys the concepts, theoretical components, principles, and practices of various organizations (e.g., for and not for profit organizations) and their leadership strategies.

LDR 525  Team Building     Credits: 3

Typically Offered: Spring.

Course Description: The course is designed to teach effective methods for creating teams, and methods of bringing out the best performance in a group. The course focuses on the major theoretical models for designing teams and their development. The course also investigates the dynamics and stages of team building, evaluates challenges that a team faces during its lifetime, conflict management, and the characteristics of ineffective or under-performing teams.