ATLAS (Advising, Tutoring, Learning, & Academic Support)

The ATLAS unit is comprised of the Center for Academic Support, Student Success & Academic Advising Center, and Freshman Seminar. ATLAS provides pathways to foster student academic and individual success. Our vision is to work as a unit, helping students navigate their educational journey through advising, tutoring, learning, and academic support.

Center for Academic Support

(816) 271-4524

The Center for Academic Support is dedicated to helping students excel academically in college. The primary goal of the Center is to complement students’ classroom instruction by providing support in the following areas:

  1. tutoring in general studies math, from MAT 083 Foundations for University Mathematics II through MAT 167 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I;
  2. tutoring in writing for any course on campus;
  3. content tutoring for most courses on campus.

The Center also sponsors study groups, Supplemental Instruction (SI) and workshops. The Center's services are designed to assist students in both their general studies and upper division courses.

Staffed by full-time professionals and trained student tutors, the Center emphasizes individualized attention and flexible services. Most students receive one-on-one tutoring, while others work in small groups or independently. The Center's website contains numerous handouts that students can download, a list of available content tutors, information about the staff, and a detailed explanation of services and hours.

The Center for Academic Support is located in Hearnes Center 213. The services, materials and programs the Center has to offer are free to Missouri Western students. For more information or to make an appointment, call the CAS.

Freshman Seminar

(816) 271-5621

Freshman Seminar (UNV 101 Foundations of University Experience) is housed in Eder Hall 209. This course offers students an introduction to the intellectual life at the University and provides a rigorous and engaging academic experience. UNV 101 Foundations of University Experience is part of the student success series along with CED 131 Griffon Edge Orientation and the Learning Community classes.

Student Success & Academic Advising Center

(816) 271-5990                                                      

Student Success & Academic Advising Center is committed to assisting with the growth and development of students as they pursue their academic and life goals. By utilizing professional advisors, Student Success works to provide a positive and fulfilling advising experience for all students.

The professional advisors in Student Success & Academic Advising Center use a variety of interventions aimed at promoting student success and student engagement. They also provide academic advisement for special groups of students on campus and are available to answer registration questions and a variety of general questions related to academic advisement. Professional advisors are also available to assist students with developing a degree plan by mapping out their journey to reach their educational goals. Students are encouraged to visit the Student Success & Academic Advising Center in Eder Hall 209 for assistance or call for an appointment.