Political Science (Bachelor of Arts, B.A.)

*Effective Fall 2020, this program is being phased out and has a 3-year teach out plan. More information can be found here.

General Studies
Students must complete General Studies courses42-47
Major Requirements
ECO 101Current Issues in the Economy3
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology3
MAT 111Introductory Statistics3
or MAT 111E Introductory Statistics
PSC 101American National Government3
PSC 110American State and Local Government3
PSC 200International Politics3
PSC 210Comparative Political Systems3
PSC 280Scope and Methods3
PSC 310Political Theory3
PSC 491Political Science Capstone I2
PSC 492Political Science Capstone II1
PSC 493Applied Learning Experience3
Select fifteen credit hours from Sociology courses numbered 3003
HIS 150American History since 18653
Select fifteen credit hours from Political Science courses numbered 300 or higher15
Bachelor of Arts Foreign Language Requirement
Credit hours in one language12

Program Graduation Requirements 

  1. Earn a grade of C or higher in all Political Science courses required in the major.
  2. Earn an overall GPA of at least 2.0 and a major GPA of at least 2.0.
  3. Earn 12 credit hours of foreign language.

University Graduation Requirements 

  1. Earn a minimum of 120 credit hours (100 level and higher, maximum of 6 CED credit hours applicable).
  2. Earn a minimum of 30 credit hours in upper-division courses.  Lower-division transfer courses accepted as meeting upper-division departmental course requirements cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.
  3. Earn 30 of the last 45 credit hours at MWSU in institutional coursework (exclusive of credit by examination).
  4. Participate in required departmental and campus wide assessments. 
  5. Fulfill the Missouri Constitution requirement.
  6. Successfully pass the Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement exam.