Biology Minor

Minor Requirements
Select twenty credit hours including at least one course from the following areas:20
Basic Biology:
Principles of Biology
Principles of Organismal Biology
Principles of Cell Biology
Environmental Biology:
Evolutionary Ecology
Human Ecology
Anatomy and Physiology
Animal Physiology
Plant Physiology
Organismal Diversity:
Medical and Public Health Microbiology
Plant Systematics
Local Flora
Plant Morphology
Developmental Biology
Invertebrate Biology
Vertebrate Biology
Medical Parasitology
Biology Electives:
Applied Nutrition
Any 300 or 400 level Biology course not used in any of the above categories

Note: Careful attention must be given to course prerequisites when planning the Biology minor.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Have a valid and declared major on file (minors cannot be awarded in the same areas as the major, emphasis or concentration).
  2. Earn a minimum of 4 credit hours beyond the major, emphasis, concentration and/or general studies requirements.
  3. Earn a minor GPA of at least 2.0.