Leadership Minor

Missouri Western State University offers a multidisciplinary minor in Leadership. This minor is intended for those students who have interest in leadership but are not pursuing a major in which leadership is a main component. The philosophy of the minor is that students are exposed to basic concepts in leadership, complete a practicum experience in leadership, and learn about at least three areas of leadership. Two areas will have more depth requiring two courses each, and the third area requires a single course.

Some areas include courses with prerequisites. Students should carefully check prerequisites for courses when considering this minor. 

Minor Requirements
Introduction to Leadership
Leadership Practicum
Select three courses from one area below and two courses from a second area:15
Oral Communication:
Presentational Communication
Introduction to Mediation
Written Communication:
Introduction to Public Relations
Introduction to Technical Communication
Business Communications
Psychology: 1
Intermediate Psychology
Psychology of Communication
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Social Psychology
Entrepreneurship I
Conflict Management
Any MGT prefixed course
Quantitative Decision Making: 1
Intermediate Psychology
Psychology Research Methods
Select one of the following:
Statistics for Economics and Social Sciences
Business Statistics I
Elementary Statistics
Introductory Psychological Statistics
Personal and Community Health:
Sociocultural Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity
Community Health
Philosophy and Leadership in Recreation Administration
Law and Ethics:
Introduction to Law
Civil Rights Law
Contemporary Political Philosophy
Ethics of Environmental and Natural Resource Policy

PSY 101 General Psychology is a prerequisite for all of the Psychology courses

Graduation Requirements

  1. Have a valid and declared major on file (minors cannot be awarded in the same areas as the major, emphasis or concentration).
  2. Earn a minimum of 3 credit hours beyond the major, emphasis, concentration and/or general studies requirements.
  3. Earn a minor GPA of at least 2.0.