Music (Bachelor of Music, B.M.)

This degree program is designed for those students who desire some kind of career within the broad designation of the music and entertainment industries. The degree has a strong core of musicianship study requirements. In addition, the student must also  complete a designated course of study in the area of Business or Music Technology.

The Business course of study requires the completion of the General Business Minor (foundational studies in accounting, economics, management, marketing, business law, and finance) or the Entrepreneurship Minor (the development of entrepreneurship and innovation skills, and the development of business plans in addition foundational studies in business).

The Music Technology course of study requires the completion of the Music Technology Concentration designed to provide the student with a broad base of studies and experiences in sound synthesis, audio and recording technology, music composition, sequencing, web applications, and research techniques and resources for this field.

All students have an applied learning Internship experience related to their career goals and a Senior Portfolio degree capstone requirement.

General Studies 1
Students must complete General Studies courses42-47
Major Requirements
MUS 100Concert/Recital Attendance0
MUS 103Fundamentals of Music2
MUS 106Basic Keyboard Skills I2
MUS 108Basic Keyboard Skills II2
MUS 115Musicianship I3
MUS 116Musicianship I Lab1
MUS 210Introduction to Music Technology2
MUS 215Musicianship II3
MUS 216Musicianship II Lab1
MUS 300Notation and Sequencing2
MUS 305Entrepreneurship in Music3
MUS 348Music of World Cultures1
Select one of the concentrations:35-36
Performance and Industry Concentration
Technology and Industry Concentration

Performance and Industry 
Technology and Industry

Performance and Industry Concentration

Concentration Requirements
MUS 109Functional Voice Class 12-3
or MUS 201 Diction for Singers
MUS 206Keyboard Proficiency for Instrumentalists2
or MUS 208 Keyboard Proficiency for Vocalists
MUS 362History of Western Music I: Ancient to Classical3
MUS 363History of Western Music II: Romanticism to the 21st Century3
MUS 366Musicianship III3
MUS 367Musicianship III Lab1
MUS 368Musicianship IV2
MUS 390Junior Recital1
MUS 292Piano Pedagogy I: Introduction to Piano Pedagogy2
or MUS 330 Pedagogical Practices: Brass
or MUS 331 Pedagogical Practices: Keyboard
or MUS 332 Pedagogical Practices: Percussion
or MUS 333 Pedagogical Practices: Strings
or MUS 334 Pedagogical Practices: Voice
or MUS 335 Pedagogical Practices: Woodwinds
MUS 328Song and Choral Literature2
or MUS 312 Topics in Music Literature: Chamber
or MUS 313 Topics in Music Literature: Choral
or MUS 314 Topics in Music Literature: Piano
or MUS 315 Topics in Music Literature: Organ
or MUS 316 Topics in Music Literature: Percussion
or MUS 317 Topics in Music Literature: Solo Instrument
or MUS 318 Topics in Music Literature: Solo Voice
MUS 441Choral Conducting3
or MUS 442 Instrumental Conducting
MUS 491Senior Recital1
MUS XXX Large Ensembles4
MUS 3XX Applied Lessons3
MUS 4XX Applied Lessons3
Total Credit Hours35-36

 Technology and Industry Concentration 

Concentration Requirements
MUS 109Functional Voice Class2
MUS 286Music Industry Internship Fieldwork1
MUS 324Live Sound Reinforcement3
MUS 327Seminar in Music Business Practices3
MUS 359History of Popular Music in the Recording Era3
MUS 386Sound Synthesis3
MUS 400Audio Recording and Analysis I2
MUS 403Mus Techniques of Film & TV2
MUS 415Jazz History2
MUS 440Commercial Music Practicum4
MUS 451Audio Recording and AnalysisII3
MUS 486Multi-media and Internet Applications3
MUS 490Senior Recital1
or MUS 491 Senior Recital
or MUS 495 Music Capstone Project
MUS 3XX Applied Lessons (2 Semesters)2
MUS 4XX Applied Lessons (2 Semesters)2
Total Credit Hours36

Programs Graduation Requirements 

  1. Earn an overall GPA of at least 2.0 and a major GPA of at least 2.0.

University Graduation Requirements 

  1. Earn a minimum of 120 credit hours (100 level and higher, maximum of 6 CED credit hours applicable).
  2. Earn a minimum of 30 credit hours in upper-division courses.  Lower-division transfer courses accepted as meeting upper-division departmental course requirements cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.
  3. Earn 30 of the last 45 credit hours at MWSU in institutional coursework (exclusive of credit by examination).
  4. Participate in required departmental and campus wide assessments. 
  5. Fulfill the Missouri Constitution requirement.
  6. Successfully pass the Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement exam.