Information Technology Assurance Administration (Master of Science, M.S.)

Dr. Baoqiang Yan, Program Director
(816) 271-4372

The Master of Science in Information Technology Assurance Administration (ITAA) program provides a broad technical understanding of current and evolving technologies in Information Assurance with an emphasis on applying concepts to business fundamental needs. The information assurance specification provides a thorough knowledge base for managers and technology professionals concerned with the design, development, implementation, operation, and management of secure information systems and with the protection of an organization’s information assets. The specialization provides students with a practical understanding of the principles of data protection, network administration and security, cryptography, etc. The specialization also introduces students to the ethical, legal, and policy issues associated with information security. Laboratory exercises are included in courses to enhance the learning experience.

Admission Requirements

  • Submission of application for admission to the MWSU Graduate School.
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree in computer science, computer information system, engineering or a closely related discipline from an accredited undergraduate institution.
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0.
  • Application reviewed and approved by the ITAA Graduate Admissions Committee.
Required Courses
CSC 500Research Methods in Information Systems and Technology3
CSC 550Applied Cryptography3
CSC 605Software Implementation and Integration3
MAT 609Technical Analysis for Decision Making3
CSC 620Advanced Networking and Network Administration3
CSC 625Network Information Systems Security3
CSC 630Database Management and Security3
CSC 640Applied E-Commerce3
Elective Courses
Select one from the following two options:12
Group A and two courses from B or C
Group B and two courses from C
Total Credit Hours36

Group A

CSC 694Thesis Preparation3
CSC 695Professional Project/Thesis3

Group B

CSC 670Ethical Hacking3
CSC 680Cloud Computing Security3

Group C

COM 601Professional and Organizational Communications3
Select one of the following:3
Writing for Management and Supervision
Technical Editing
Technical Communications Theory and Practice
ECO 607Managerial Economics3
EGT 530Current Advancements in Engineering Technology3
EGT 610Advanced Engineering Technology3
LAW 535Introduction to Computer Forensics3
LAW 635Internet Commerce Fraud and Investigation3
MGT 603Organizational Theory3
MIM 613ERP Fundamentals3
MKT 605Strategic Marketing3
PSY 600User Experience Principles3
PSY 610User Experience Lab3

Graduation Requirements

  1. Filing of an approved Application for Graduation.
  2. Satisfactory completion of all required coursework as listed on the approved Program of Study.
  3. Earn a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, with no more than 6 credit hours of C in all required coursework.
  4. Students must complete one of the following official approved capstone options:
  • Write a thesis + obtain one certification (approved by the ITAA program)
  • Obtain two certifications (approved by the ITAA program)
  • Pass two 3-hour comprehensive exams