Industrial Life Science (Master of Applied Science, M.A.S.)

Dr. Jason Baker, Program Director
(816) 271-4380

The Master of Applied Science in Industrial Life Science degree provides students the opportunity to pursue advanced training in biology and chemistry, while simultaneously developing their business and communication skills. The curriculum is characterized as science-plus, combining a rigorous study of biology and chemistry with skills-based coursework in business fundamentals, economics, regulatory affairs, intellectual property, project management, and skills-oriented training in communications, data-driven decision making, and working in teams.

Graduates will be prepared for science careers in business, government, and nonprofit organizations, where workforce needs are increasing. They will be able to manage research team breakthroughs, serve in quality assurance roles, and interact with researchers and managers, especially in the marketing, finance, and legal departments.

Admission Requirements

  • Submission of application for admission to the MWSU Graduate School.
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree majoring in biology, chemistry, or related science discipline.
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0.
  • Application essay stating career goals and how this program fits into those goals (this should be sent directly to the program director.)
  • Two letters of reference, preferably at least one from an academic source. (this should be sent directly to the program director.)
  • Applicants should have experience in the following disciplines: Cell Biology, Organismal Biology, Microbiology, Statistics, Biochemistry, Quantitative Chemical Analysis.
  • Application reviewed and approved by the MAS ILS Graduate Admissions Committee.
Professional Core
MGT 604Organizational Behavior Management3
MAS 695Graduate Colloquium3
Communication Skills - Select 2 courses from the following (6 credits)6
Professional and Organizational Communications
Writing for Management and Supervision
Multilingual Graduate Writing
Technical Communications Theory and Practice
Proposal and Grant Writing
Professional Skills - Select 2 courses from the following (6 credits)6
Foundations of Professional Ethics
Managerial Economics
Technical Analysis for Decision Making
Strategic Marketing
Industrial Life Science Required Courses
ILS 520Laboratory Safety and Management3
ILS 530Principles of Quality Assurance3
ILS 640Principles of Industrial Scale-up and Production3
ILS 680Intellectual Property in the Scientific Setting2
Science Elective Courses
Select six credit hours of the following not previously taken for undergraduate credit:6
Molecular Cell Biology
Developmental Biology
Vertebrate Biology
Medical Parasitology
Molecular Basis of Disease
Graduate Internship in Biology
Graduate Topics in Chemical Instrumentation
Graduate Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
Advanced Chemical Methods
Graduate Topics in Biochemistry
Graduate Internship in Chemistry
500/600 level course approved by the program admissions committee
Total Credit Hours35

Graduation Requirements

  1. Filing an approved Application for Graduation.
  2. Satisfactory completion of all required coursework as listed on the approved Program of Study.
  3. Earn a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, with no more than 6 credit hours of C in all required coursework.
  4. Official approval of required Master Educator Experience (or capstone).