Applied Science, Human Factors and Usability Testing (Master of Applied Science, M.A.S.)
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Our interaction with computing technologies is rapidly changing. This change is driven by an exponential growth of technology, which is quickly resulting in smaller and less expensive computing devices. This technological growth is requiring professionals with multidisciplinary backgrounds (Psychology, Business, Marketing, Communications, Computer Science, Design, etc.) Our curriculum focuses on producing business professionals with this multidisciplinary education.

Which Undergraduate Majors best prepare you for a Human Factors Graduate Program?

  • Engineering (Industrial, Mechanical or Electrical)
  • Computer Science, Informatics, Information Technology
  • Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology

With a master’s degree in Human Factors & Usability Testing you are qualified to work with major employers such as telecommunications companies (e.g., Sprint, AT&T), software companies (e.g., Microsoft, Google), automobile companies (e.g., Toyota, General Motors), and the military. Human Factors specialists conduct research, perform analyses and make recommendations to:

  • Design products.
  • Reduce human error.
  • Increase productivity and reduce fatigue.
  • Improve work environments.

The program is certified as a Professional Science Master’s program by the Council of Graduate Schools, combining rigorous study of Human Factors and Usability with skills-based coursework in business fundamentals, economics, regulatory affairs, intellectual property, project management, and skills-oriented training in: communications, computation, and working in teams.

Admission Requirements

  • Submission of application for admission to the MWSU Graduate School.
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree in psychology, computer science, engineering or a related discipline from an accredited undergraduate institution.
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75.
  • GRE Score of least 141 (450) quantitative reasoning and at least 146 (400) verbal reasoning.
  • Application essay with a personal statement and how this program fits into those goals.  Submit this directly to the Program Director.
  • One to three letters of recommendation from persons who know your academic work or your professional work. Three letters are preferred.  These should be sent directly to the Program Director on your behalf.
  • Application reviewed and approved by the MAS Human Factors and Usability Graduate Admissions Committee.
Professional Core
Select one of the following:3
Professional and Organizational Communications
Writing for Management and Supervision
Technical Communications Theory and Practice
MGT 603Organizational Theory3
MKT 605Strategic Marketing3
ECO 607Managerial Economics3
MAT 609Technical Analysis for Decision Making3
or PSY 515 Applied Univariate and Multivariate Statistics
MAS 695Graduate Colloquium3
Human Factors and Usability Testing Courses
PSY 600User Experience Principles3
PSY 610User Experience Lab3
PSY 692Designing User Experiences Lab3
PSY 590Human Factors Theory and Methods3
PSY 693Seminar in Human Centered Design I2
PSY 680Internship4
or PSY 695 Thesis
Total Credit Hours36

Graduation Requirements

  1. Filing an approved Application for Graduation.
  2. Satisfactory completion of all required coursework as listed on the approved Program of Study.
  3. Earn a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, with no more than 6 credit hours of C in all required coursework.
  4. Official approval of required capstone.