Engineering Technology Management (Master of Applied Science, M.A.S.)

Dr. Long Qiao, Program Director
(816) 271-4561

The Master of Applied Science in Engineering Technology Management, a STEM major program, is aimed at expanding your knowledge in both the technical aspects of engineering technology and project management, as well as advancing your career. The program provides a thorough understanding of emerging technologies and management skills with emphases on applied research and practical experiences. Graduates of the program are expected to fill positions such as: assembly line supervisor, job supervisor, shift supervisor, maintenance manager, shop manager, plant manager, group leader, project leader, high school technology teachers or college level engineering technology instructors.​

Admission Requirements

  • Submission of application for admission to the MWSU Graduate School.
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree in engineering, technology, business or a closely related discipline from an accredited undergraduate institution.
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75.
  • Submission of an application essay stating career goals and how this program fits into those goals. Submit this directly to the graduate program director.
  • Two letters of reference, preferably at least one from an academic source. These should be sent directly to the graduate program director on your behalf.
  • Application reviewed and approved by the Engineering Technology Graduate Admission Committee.
Professional Core
MGT 604Organizational Behavior Management3
MAS 695Graduate Colloquium3
Communication Skills - Select two courses from the following (6 credits)6
Professional and Organizational Communications
Writing for Management and Supervision
Multilingual Graduate Writing
Technical Communications Theory and Practice
Proposal and Grant Writing
Professional Skills - Select two courses from the following (6 credits)6
Foundations of Professional Ethics
Managerial Economics
Technical Analysis for Decision Making
Strategic Marketing
Concentration Requirements
EGT 520Project and Process Management3
EGT 530Current Advancements in Engineering Technology3
EGT 610Advanced Engineering Technology3
EGT 690Engineering Technology Research6
Total Credit Hours33

Graduation Requirements

  1. Filing an approved Application for Graduation.
  2. Satisfactory completion of all required coursework as listed on the approved Program of Study.
  3. Earn a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, with no more than 6 credit hours of C in all required coursework.
  4. Official approval of required Master Educator Experience (or capstone).